Visage Eyewear

When talking about eyeglasses, one is referring to the “frame” and to the “lenses.” The lenses are the component that enhances one’s vision. Of the many types of lenses available, Visage narrows choice to two types: single vision and multifocal; and three material grades: plastic, mid ­index, and high index. Strength of prescription; type of frame mounting; and patient lifestyle­ needs dictate the type of material used. The “glass” component of glasses is still available but increasingly rare.

Single vision refers either to an all­ reading or all­ distance lens. Multifocal lenses may be lined bifocals or trifocals, or even more commonly “progressive” lenses. Visage primarily uses digitally surfaced or “freeform” progressives. Freeform is the latest, easiest ­to ­use technology that enhances distance, mid ­range, and near vision in one lens. Whatever your individual needs, be assured that Visage uses only the best types, designs, and materials of lenses available.

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