Jason is the driving force behind the identity of Visage Eyewear. After 15 years of ownership he has developed a unique understanding of what makes us….us. As our buyer he is unconventional and is not influenced by trends that often turn out to be fleeting, instead focusing on bringing in pieces that are both visually stunning and timeless. With his observant nature he has developed a keen eye for selecting frames that clients may not initially see themselves wearing. He can help them expand their horizons and evolve their personal styles.

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As co-owner of Visage, with a background in interior design, Tennys utilizes her knowledge of shape, proportion and color when helping a client. She does not care to use “rules” when choosing a frame but instead uses her “eye” and initial sense of one’s personality to find the perfect piece. She is a great source of insight and advice for clients newly entering the world of progressive lenses. She wears them in specs as well as contact lenses. Tennys is also our vision insurance coordinator and can help you with questions regarding your coverage.

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