The doctor is in...

Visage Eyewear is proud to partner with Dr. Nellie Chung as our independent, on-site optometrist. Dr Chung hails from Chicago and received her BS in Psychology at Loyola University Chicago. After watching her mother experience a retinal detachment she realized that her career passion was for the field of optometry. Dr Chung earned her degree from Forest Grove’s Pacific University College of Optometry. She and her husband, a fellow optometrist, decided to make Portland their home. In their free time you can find them exploring the world of craft brews, cooking and cultivating an ever-expanding family of houseplants. She is also proficient in Korean. We are honored to have such a caring and compassionate doctor in our Visage family.

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is, unfortunately, a very common problem. There can be a variety of causes including environmental and lifestyle. Our world is revolved around technology and computer use and constant near viewing can decrease our blink rate and exacerbate any underlying dry eye symptoms. Even certain medications and dehydration can cause dry eye. more