The doctor is in...

At Visage Eyewear you will be in the experienced hands of Dr. Steve Clouse. Dr. Steve received his Doctorate in Optometry from Indiana University Optometry School in 1991. The following year he landed in Oregon and has practiced in Portland ever since. He provides primary and comprehensive visual care for all ages.

Although born and raised in Indiana, Dr. Steve has become a true man of the Northwest. When not in his office he can be found on the mountain snowboarding in winter or enjoying the Willamette wakeboarding and wakesurfing with his son. He is also a musician who loves to jam with his friends playing either the guitar, banjo or bass. He’s got a pretty good singing voice too!

What is dry eye?

Dry eye is, unfortunately, a very common problem. There can be a variety of causes including environmental and lifestyle. Our world is revolved around technology and computer use and constant near viewing can decrease our blink rate and exacerbate any underlying dry eye symptoms. Even certain medications and dehydration can cause dry eye. more