Upcoming Eyewear Trends: 2015

Stay ahead of the game!  Here are some early eyewear trends that have started to emerge for 2015.

1. Color accents and color blocking.  We’re seeing a lot of great frames coming out in neutral, wearable shades accented by a pop of  color.

Claire Goldsmith "Goldie"

Anne et Valentin "Wendy"

Bevel "Roxanne"

2. Wire frames.  This frame style is elegant, timeless, and refined and is making a comeback in several independent eyewear lines.

Anne et Valentin "Bessel"

Anne et Valentin "Bartok"

Masunaga "GMS005"

3. Light colored frames.  If you’ve held off on a chunky, dark colored frame because they seem a tad overwhelming, there’s good news ahead!  For 2015 expect bold, large frames being available in softer, light to clear colors.

Bevel "Gonzo"

Masunaga "022"

Anne et Valentin "Modern Love"

4. Alternative materials.  Check out some frame lines in 2015 that create eyewear from unusual materials like wood or vinyl for a look that shows a great appreciation for craftsmanship and design.

Bome "Manzanita"

Vinylize "Pege"

All of these frames (and more!) are available through Visage Eyewear.  It’s 2015, and it’s about time for some new glasses!


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