Getting Hitched? Eyewear for Brides!

Ophthalmic eyewear isn’t often thought of as glamorous, and brides-to-be sometimes find themselves feeling like contact lenses are the only option available for their big day.  While contact lenses certainly are an avenue to explore, full time glasses wearers may not feel like “themselves” without their glasses on, and for this reason we have put together a list of eyewear designs that are elegant and dressy enough to match your spectacular look as you walk down the aisle!  Feminine shapes, metallic finishes, and light colors elevate the look of these frames and pair well with a variety of dress styles.

Theo "Lond"

Theo "Cinquante+6"

Theo "Huitante+4"

Anne et Valentin "Modern Art"

Anne et Valentin "Guimard"

ic!Berlin "Clarence"

Matsuda "M3033" show with Transitions lenses

All of these beautiful frames (and more) are available to order through Visage Eyewear.  You don’t have to ditch your glasses to look stunning on your wedding day, try on a few pairs for yourself and see!

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