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Golden Globes Eyewear – Get the Look!

If you turned into the Golden Globes on Sunday you may have noticed something different on the red carpet…Stars are embracing more and more wearing amazing glasses that compliment their glamorous look and you can too!

Steve McQueen in a sporty shaped black polished frame.

Claire Goldsmith "Kelsey"

Diane Keaton in a vintage style black acetate frame.

Anne et Valentin "Bergson"

Masunaga "010"

Christoph Waltz in an understated rectangular frame.

Chrome Hearts

Megan Mullally shows her sassy personality with these unique frames.

Theo "Jordaens"

Jack Antonoff shows a round frame and a scholarly look.

Vinylize "Corbusier"

Michael Fassbender pairs modified aviators with a tux for effortless cool.

Anne et Valentin "18H20"

Salt "Olson"

Meryl Streep in a bold, yet chic, black cat eye frame.

Anne et Valentin "Objet 3"





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Spring 2014 Trends for Women

So many great trends for 2014 have already emerged on the runway – Here’s how you can channel them with designer eye wear for a totally new look!


This season’s top shades are soft pinks, greens, purples white.  Feminine and subtle, these colors are complementary to almost any skin tone and easy to incorporate as a pair of glasses into your daily wardrobe.

Claire Goldsmith "Cosby"

Anne et Valentin "19H15"

Claire Goldsmith "Sloane"

Masunaga "O12"


For those that prefer a darker hue, grey is going to be everywhere.  From metallic shades to matte cement colors this edgy neutral is a must for the modern professional.

Bevel "Mate"

Anne et Valentin "Factory 16"

Bome Eyewear "Rogue Lite"

Claire Goldsmith "Lomax"

Sporty Chic:

It’s official – athletic wear is IN!  Many designers debuted their version of sportswear at NY Fashion week and showcased casual but structured fits, windbreaker style jackets, and lots of stripes.  This look translates into sleek design and ultimate comfort in glasses.

Bevel "Walkabout"

ic!berlin "Clara"

Orgreen "Lana"

Anne et Valentin "Guimard"

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New Lines at Visage!

We are super excited about two new lines we have in store – Bome Eyewear and Tipton Vinylize Eyewear!

Bome Eyewear (Portland) manufactures and designs wooden frame sunglasses and optical eyewear for lifestyle, recreation and leisure. Their lightweight, durable frames are designed for your life and engineered to last. The design philosophy is to create frame styles that are simple and classic and build them out of nature’s beautiful materials. Bome Eyewear’s frames are able to fit a wide range of prescriptions and be adjusted to achieve a custom fit. They take great care to deliver a durable and beautiful product, with success based on decades of product development and manufacturing experience. The outcome is a melding of nature, form and function.

Vinylize (Budapest, Hungary) began when the creators wanted to make glasses of exceptional quality on a recyclable basis, leading to the use of old vinyl records to produce some of the most unique frames on the market today.  From the beginning, vinyl gave the collection it’s distinctive look.  The frames are big, thick and rugged, not for the masses. The grooves are an integral part of the design, it is Tipton’s signature.  Their philosophy is reflected in a collection of 24 models.  A limited quantity is made of each frame and available only in black.  Every single one is crafted to the highest standards of quality to ensure that it will remain an eyeglass frame for years to come.

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Beyond a Prescription: Eye Exams and Your Health

It can be easy to put off an eye exam when you feel like your eyes and your prescription haven’t changed much. But eye exams can tell us so much more than simply providing a vision correction. Many medical conditions can be detected during a routine eye exam when other symptoms might not be present. Some of these conditions include:

-Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease
-High blood pressure
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Risk of heart disease
-Macular degeneration
-High cholesterol
-Risk of stroke

Early detection can make a world of difference when it comes to these health issues – take care of your eyes and your total health by scheduling routine eye exams!

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Catch a Glimpse

Brenda found the perfect frame when she decided to trust her instincts and custom order this gorgeous silver and gold Theo “Huitante + Quatre”! Stunning!

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Do you really need sunglasses in the Winter?

During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest it’s not uncommon to feel like we’ll never see the sun again.  All of the rain and gloom aside, it’s still incredibly important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays even when the sun isn’t shining.

UV rays from sunlight damage the natural lenses of your eyes and eventually causes cataracts to form, similar to leaving plastic in the sun.  Over time, it will become yellow and brittle.  The sun can also damage retinal cells, which can contribute to macular degeneration.

In the winter months we are actually closest to the sun, and UV radiation is particularly aggressive November through March.  During the summer and spring greenery from trees reflects approximately 6% of sunlight; during the winter rain glare and snow glare reflect up to 95% of sunlight.  With the sun sitting at a lower angle through the winter it actually results in more exposure when you’re outdoors for long periods of time.

Protect your eyes, even during the winter.  There are many different types of sun lenses to choose from that can help keep your vision in tip-top condition, and we’re always available to help you decide which will be the right ones for you!


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Visage Turns 15! Birthday Party!

It’s hard to believe 15 years have gone by since we first opened our doors in 1999, but we’re so excited to celebrate and hope everyone can join us!  Food, drinks, and a very special customer appreciation give-away.  Saturday November 9th from 11 am to 5 pm.

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Catch A Glimpse!

Vicki just came in to have a look around…and ended up finding her new favorite sunglasses! She’s wearing the ultra glamorous Fish Eye from Chrome Hearts Eyewear.

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Catch A Glimpse!

Sarah in Anne et Valentin…whoever said glasses weren’t sexy??

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Contact Lens Exams and Insurance Coverage

While they may not seem like much, contact lenses are Class II and III medical devices as determined by the FDA. For this reason contact lens prescriptions are regulated by laws similar to those regulating prescription drugs, and must be renewed annually. It is important to be aware that even though you may have vision insurance that covers a routine eye exam, the fee to be fit with new contacts or to renew an existing contact lens prescription generally is not covered. Most insurance companies do not consider contact lenses a necessity; if a patient’s vision can be corrected by wearing glasses the use of contact lenses is considered elective.

Some vision insurance plans allow a discount on contact lens exams, and some plans have a combined exam + hardware benefit that you can dip into to cover your fitting fee or renewal. Most often though, the contact lens fitting or prescription renewal is the patient’s responsibility.
Our contact lens exam fees are as follows:

Renewal – $50
• You have been fit with contacts at OUR OFFICE in the past and are renewing your prescription.

New Fit – $80
• You wear or have worn contacts in the past, but have never seen our doctor for a contact lens exam and need to renew your prescription.

Complex Fit – $105
• You wear or have worn contacts in the past, but have never seen our doctor for a contact lens exam AND have vision needs that may require a more complicated contact lens fitting (ex: RPG lenses, monovision, etc).

Training – $135
• This is your first time wearing contact lenses. Covers insertion and removal training.

All pricing covers any trial contact lenses that may be dispensed, as well as any follow up visits that may occur prior to finalizing your prescription.

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