New Lines at Visage!

We are super excited about two new lines we have in store – Bome Eyewear and Tipton Vinylize Eyewear!

Bome Eyewear (Portland) manufactures and designs wooden frame sunglasses and optical eyewear for lifestyle, recreation and leisure. Their lightweight, durable frames are designed for your life and engineered to last. The design philosophy is to create frame styles that are simple and classic and build them out of nature’s beautiful materials. Bome Eyewear’s frames are able to fit a wide range of prescriptions and be adjusted to achieve a custom fit. They take great care to deliver a durable and beautiful product, with success based on decades of product development and manufacturing experience. The outcome is a melding of nature, form and function.

Vinylize (Budapest, Hungary) began when the creators wanted to make glasses of exceptional quality on a recyclable basis, leading to the use of old vinyl records to produce some of the most unique frames on the market today.  From the beginning, vinyl gave the collection it’s distinctive look.  The frames are big, thick and rugged, not for the masses. The grooves are an integral part of the design, it is Tipton’s signature.  Their philosophy is reflected in a collection of 24 models.  A limited quantity is made of each frame and available only in black.  Every single one is crafted to the highest standards of quality to ensure that it will remain an eyeglass frame for years to come.

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