Do you really need sunglasses in the Winter?

During the winter months in the Pacific Northwest it’s not uncommon to feel like we’ll never see the sun again.  All of the rain and gloom aside, it’s still incredibly important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays even when the sun isn’t shining.

UV rays from sunlight damage the natural lenses of your eyes and eventually causes cataracts to form, similar to leaving plastic in the sun.  Over time, it will become yellow and brittle.  The sun can also damage retinal cells, which can contribute to macular degeneration.

In the winter months we are actually closest to the sun, and UV radiation is particularly aggressive November through March.  During the summer and spring greenery from trees reflects approximately 6% of sunlight; during the winter rain glare and snow glare reflect up to 95% of sunlight.  With the sun sitting at a lower angle through the winter it actually results in more exposure when you’re outdoors for long periods of time.

Protect your eyes, even during the winter.  There are many different types of sun lenses to choose from that can help keep your vision in tip-top condition, and we’re always available to help you decide which will be the right ones for you!


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