“Does this come in a different color?”

For the most part all of the frames sold at Visage Eyewear will come in additional colors not in the store.  When selecting our inventory we bring in the colors we love the most out of the collections and feel that our clients will too, but if you are interested in bringing in a frame that we do not currently have in the store we are more than happy to put in an order on your behalf.  We collect a $25 deposit for each frame ordered and that amount will go towards the cost of the frame you decide to purchase.  Please take note that many of our frames are sent to us from outside the country and on occasion can take several weeks to receive.  Once your frame arrives in store we kindly ask that you stop by to view it within 10 days – outside of that time frame we are required to return the frames to the distributor.  The world of independent eyewear is expansive; come into Visage today to see just how many great frames are out there!

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