Catch A Glimpse: Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen wears Masunaga

All hail the King of the semi-mythical realm of Portlandia! Where else would Fred Armisen go to update his iconic eyewear than Visage Eyewear? (He must have heard that we have the best styles and selections in the city). And what more classic frame than one from Masunaga? 

Established in 1905, Masunaga is the only eyewear company in Japan to produce its frames from beginning to end in one factory.  Practically unheard of in this age of mass production and outsourcing. The shapes are truly classic and the fit and feel of these frames can be described only as pure quality.  Come visit us and try on a pair.

Thanks for shopping locally, Mr Armisen!

Masunaga: 002  black

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