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The Top 3 Reasons to Buy Independent Label Eyewear

  1. You’re paying for the product – not the brand.
    The driving force behind the sales of mass produced eyewear is no longer the quality of the product and creativeness of the designs. Sales are driven by the brand label stamped onto each frame, creating an illusion of variety even though all of these “different” brands are often owned by the same conglomerate company.
  2. Small brands rely on the quality and creativity of their product.
    In order to be competitive, independent labels have to rely on the quality of their frames and uniqueness of designs to drive sales. They are able to handpick materials, manufacturers, and every detail that goes into the production of the final product. Their products are genuine. They’re designed by real people who work at the label, and are specialists at doing so.
  3. Your purchase supports independent labels instead of publicly traded companies.
    New independent eyewear labels are springing up every year to compete with Brand Name labels but are being suppressed in a monopolistic market. This prohibits creativity, prevents fair market valuation of eyewear, and limits the variety of materials used to make genuine, quality eyewear. The creativity of the designs and thoughtful use of materials to create a stand-alone brand boosts independent labels to a level of product quality and authenticity unreachable by a corporation bent on maximizing shareholder profits.  So next time you’re shopping for new frames, buy independent.
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